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eSignus partners with Jelurida to integrate Ardor, Ignis and Nxt in HASHWallet Link

The blockchain and cybersecurity consultancy eSignus has finished the integration of the Ardor, Ignis, and Nxt protocols into the hardware wallet, HASHWallet Link. With this integration, HASHWallet becomes one of the first cold wallets that supports Ardor, allowing his large community to easily store, buy, sell and swap their $ARDR, $IGNIS, and $NXT tokens.

eSignus to participate as Gold sponsor in BlockWorldTour Granada 2023

Cybersecurity and blockchain consultancy firm eSignus will be one of the main sponsors of the BlockWorldTour event in Granada on January 26 and 27, 2023.

We establish a working group with OBINEX to explore the integration of HASHWallet into their ecosystem

We are pleased to announce that we have initiated an exciting working group with OBINEX.

eSignus partners with IDEX to launch a new biometric smart card

We have some exciting news ahead. As the eSignus team is strongly committed to digital identity security, we are proud to announce a new partnership with IDEX Biometrics to jointly develop and market biometric cards for digital authentication and crypto asset wallets.

HASHWallet has been selected as one of the finalist projects of Ciberemprende

The three winners of the Ciberemprende grant will be announced on Wednesday 26th February.

HASHWallet has entered in the Arrow Certification Program

The eSignus engineering team is working with Arrow to ensure we build the most secure hardware wallet. HASHWallet is an Arrow Certified product!

eSignus partners with CardLab for developing HASHWallet, the most secure hardware wallet

The CardLab and eSignus teams during the signing of their partnership agreement. From left to right, Sebastián Unda and José Ramón Sendra from eSignus, Henning Bonde Nielsen, Frank Sandeløv and Katrine Bjarni from CardLab, and Daniel Hernández from eSignus.

The HASHWallet Indiegogo campaign is out! Sign up and get 30% off and Free Vault service

A few months ago, HASHWallet went into partnership with Arrow Certification Program together with Indiegogo. This partnership has been fruitful and has yielded great results.

eSignus partners with Jelurida to integrate Ardor in HASHWallet

The blockchain consultancy eSignus has signed an MOU with Jelurida to integrate Ardor (ARDR) into its HASHWallet, an innovative hardware wallet in the shape of a smart card.

HASHWallet launches its crowdfunding campaign with a special 30% off deal

Users who support the HASHWallet project on Indiegogo will get their secure hardware wallet with a special 30% discount. Also, the package comes with a free eSignus Vault service subscription.

To our entire community: Thank you!

Thanks to all of our early supporters, our Indiegogo campaign was fully funded!

HASHWallet development update. July 30, 2020.

We are delighted to share our latest updates regarding our Recovery Card design and some features of the HASHWallet Manager App. But before moving forward with the details, we would like to thank all of our Indiegogo backers for their contribution.

An update for our beta testers

The entire eSignus team is currently working carefully on this program’s primary purpose with dedicated documentation, structuring the FAQs, setting up the right communication channels, and defining expectations of all of the exciting features tested with the HASHWallet and the HASHWallet Manager.

After forced distancing, we finally got together!

With certain restrictions due to local regulations and security measures, we finally reunited the entire eSignus team at our development facilities located on the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria university campus.

eSignus has joined AEFI

We are excited to announce that eSignus has joined the Spanish Association of Fintech and Insurtech (AEFI).

eSignus will participate at the II Foro Crypto Economía

Daniel Hernández, co-founder and CEO of eSignus will be talking about security, key custody, and our HASHWallet project at the “II Foro Crypto Economía” online seminar.

A message from our CEO

Despite the unexpected storms we’ve all weathered, in eSignus we feel fortunate and very grateful for all the generous support from our community.

HASHWallet, a finalist in the EntrepreneurXXI Awards

The HASHWallet project will participate in the final round of the 14th edition of the EntrepreneurXXI Awards.

HASHWallet will integrate Changelly in the App

Sharing the same goal of mass adoption and future-vision, eSignus is proud and excited to announce a partnership with Changelly.

The HASHWallet family keeps on growing!

We are delighted to announce that eSignus has joined Simplex with a partnership deal. Just like us, the Simplex team members are obsessed with the mass adoption of cryptos in a secure, fast, and innovative environment.
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