Introducing the HASHWallet Link: Revolutionizing Crypto Asset Security

October 7, 2022
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Introducing the HASHWallet Link: Revolutionizing Crypto Asset Security

eSignus is excited to unveil its latest innovation in the cryptocurrency space – the HASHWallet Link smartcard. This pioneering hardware wallet seamlessly combines robust security features with the convenience of a smart card, offering users an unrivaled method for managing a diverse range of digital currencies.

HASHWallet Link represents a new standard for hardware wallets. It’s akin to having a portable bank vault that fits in your pocket – delivering the comfort of a soft wallet with the impregnable security of a cold storage solution. This release signals eSignus’s commitment to fostering the widespread adoption of decentralized financial ecosystems.

Crafted to be non-programmable, HASHWallet Link eschews the need for firmware updates, ensuring a fortified barrier against external threats. It’s akin to a fortress that safeguards your keys, never exposing them outside its walls, and operates in complete isolation from online vulnerabilities. Owners can also procure a duplicate smartcard, ensuring an accessible backup when needed.

HASHWallet Link - Cobalt

Seamless Integration with HASHWallet Manager

Accompanying the HASHWallet Link is the user-friendly HASHWallet Manager App – a comprehensive softwallet allowing for streamlined crypto portfolio management. Designed for an unparalleled user experience, the app facilitates intuitive transactions and a straightforward recovery system, assuring users remain in total control.

Linking the smartcard to the app is a breeze, thanks to NFC technology. It ensures rapid device pairing and a fluid user experience while prioritizing security. Moreover, including WalletConnect protocol broadens the utility scope, allowing easy interaction with numerous decentralized applications (DApps).

The HASHWallet Manager App isn’t just about ease; it's a powerhouse that supports trading, swapping, and funds transfer and is readily available for Android and iOS devices.

Innovative Solutions with HOLa

HOLa, which stands for HASHWallet Operation Language and playfully greets users in Spanish, is eSignus’s answer to future-proofing the device against technological advancements without altering the firmware. HOLa allows adding new functionalities and support for an expanding list of cryptocurrencies through app updates, bypassing the need for hardware modifications.

Currently, HOLa supports many assets, including leading cryptocurrencies and various tokens, with plans to extend this support even further.

The eSignus Backup Center: Your Crypto Safety Net

The eSignus Backup Center is an integral component of the HASHWallet ecosystem, offering a cloud vault service for a secure backup and recovery solution. The eSignus Backup Center handles security and recovery protocols as users focus on their transactions, keeping critical elements safely stored within a distributed architecture. It upholds stringent access security, ensuring only the user can gain entry, leveraging a passwordless system that relies on email or phone verification for authentication.

Get Your HASHWallet Link Today

The HASHWallet Link is now ready for purchase through the eSignus online store, available in two versions: the Silver Founders' edition, a limited initial stock release, and the regular Cobalt smart card. Early adopters can take advantage of a special promotion, receiving a 10% discount on the first 500 orders when buying multiple cards.

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