The HASHWallet Indiegogo campaign is out! Sign up and get 30% off and Free Vault service

March 28, 2020
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The HASHWallet Indiegogo campaign is out! Sign up and get 30% off and Free Vault service

As part of our efforts to constantly update our community and investors towards the development of HASHWallet, the team together with our partners has been working hard behind the scene, a few months ago we made it known to our community that HASHWallet will be launching sooner than they think.

Well, the time has come. We all know one of the frequently asked questions has always been “when launching HASHWallet”. Now your questions have been answered and HASHWallet Indiegogo campaign is fully ready to launch.

All users and early adopters will be able to use the ultimate hardware wallet to keep their crypto-assets and operations under control. All in the shape of a convenient smart card with a large e-ink display.

Sign up now and get the most secure hardware wallet with a special discount.

Why Should you use HASHWallet?

HASHWallet is an innovative hardware wallet to safeguard your crypto-assets in the shape of a convenient smart card. It features a large e-ink screen, biometric authentication and a new recovery process based on two secure elements. It supports all the major cryptocurrencies and any ERC-20 token.

The first non-programmable hardware wallet

HASHWallet complies with the security philosophy “What You See Is What You Sign”, since the user visualizes and confirms his operations through a large e-ink screen, avoiding impersonation and fraud.

An innovative Keys Recovery Process

HASHWallet regenerates public and private keys based on a combination of two secure elements: Recovery Key and Recovery Seed, both generated during the device initialization and stored separately.

Also, With HASHWallet Manager, run your portfolio through the smartphone while your assets remain safe.

What are the benefits you are entitled to as an early adopter of HASHWallet?

We are offering a 30% discount over the regular price, and also free lifetime access to our keys custody service, the eSignus Vault.

How can you be part of the early users of HASHWallet?

Follow the link below and subscribe to our newsletter with your email on the Indiegogo page. We’ll be rolling out emails very soon.

Be part of the Innovative community, protect your assets and be in control of your assets.

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