HASHWallet Link Duo: Unrivaled Security

Experience Unprecedented Control with EAL6+ Certified Security: Manage, Recover, and Safeguard Your Digital Assets Like Never Before.

Your Crypto Safer than Ever

Safer Environments, More Features

Unparalleled crypto versatility and security at your fingertips

Infinite wallets per coin

Add any crypto.
No firmware update needed

Unmatched key security

Swiss Vault Level protection for your backup

We've Mastered Crypto Security. Now It's Yours to Enjoy.

Never worry about losing your keys again. Experience peace of mind with our cutting-edge technology, designed to keep you in control at all times

Recover your Keys Anytime

Misplaced your card? Your keys remain secure. Get a Backup Card and initiate your data recovery. Only you hold your keys.

Zero-Knowledge Backup System

We assist you in setting up your key recovery system, but we cannot access your backup. Only you can recover your private and public keys.

EAL6+ Certified Security

Our secure element guards against digital and physical threats, making your assets more than safe - they're virtually untouchable.

Secured App

Strong encryption, real-time monitoring, and secure device binding. This ensures only you have access, blocking bots and threats.

Audited by Kudelski Security

Your security is our priority: our technology has been rigorously evaluated by independent experts to ensure your peace of mind. No one but you has access to your keys.

Compatible with any crypto

Check here the supported cryptos

Your keys are generated and stored on vulnerable devices

Recovery mechanisms with weaknesses

Your keys are accessible


Your keys remain secret

For you, for us, for everyone

Unlimited access to blockchain networks

Swiss-Vault-level protection recovery system

No firmware updates

avoid potential backdoors

Embrace Seamless Transaction Signing
Convenient, Simple, Quick & Secure

Seamless NFC Transaction Signing

Elevate Your User Experience with Our App

HASHWallet Manager APP

Discover the fastest and simplest way to manage your crypto assets

The fastest and simplest way to manage your crypto assets


Who has access to the backups?
Where do you store our backups?
What will happen when I die?
What happens if I lose my HASHWallet Link?
What happens if I change or reset my phone?

Still have questions?

We are here to answer any questions you may have

Get Your Instant Backup with HASHWallet Link Duo

HASHWallet Link to manage your crypto assetsHASHWallet Link Cobalt card

Gain an extra layer of security while maintaining immediate access to your assets. Keep two cards on hand - lose one, and you're still fully operational and in control.

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