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Your cryptos are exclusively yours, and so is the way to store them.
That's HASHWallet.

HASHWallet Link to manage your crypto assetsHASHWallet Link Cobalt card

It's incredibly simple. Our system operates through an app that allows you to view and manage your crypto assets, along with a physical card that authorizes transactions.


Our card gives you ultimate transaction authentication power

HASHWallet Manager APP

We offer tailored solutions to your needs, with secure and transparent recovery systems

HASHWallet Link Backup Pack
Duplicate backup

With our HASHWallet you have total control of your assets with an unbreakable level of security

HASHWallet NFC reading

Quickly recover your wallets with our intuitive backup system. We create disruptive solutions

Discover a user-friendly interface designed to make your transactions, and your day-to-day life, simpler

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Only you can access your keys. These are randomly generated and stored in the secure element of your non-programmable hardware wallet

Hardware wallets

Your keys are generated and stored on vulnerable devices

Recovery mechanisms with vulnerabilities

Your keys are not private


Full control of your keys

No need for firmware upgrades

Unlimited access to blockchain networks

Customized recovery system

No firmware updates

with our innovative solution

No need to write them down or remember any keys

In case your card goes missing, you can request a replacement at any time and generate a duplicate

Zero-knowledge backup system

We assist you setup your keys recovery system. We are not able to access your backup, only you can recover your private and your public keys.

Order a new card

Select the card you want to duplicate from the application. We process your request and send you a new card with the original Recovery Seed.

Scan your new card

Scan your card; our system checks that it is new, and use your backup center to generate your keys.

Ready to use

Your keys are restored, and everything is prepared. Your card is now activated and ready for use.

Compatible with any crypto

USD Coin
Shiba Inu
Binance USD
Binance Coin
Manage and trade crypto
Buy, Sell, and Swap with the best market exchange rates by payment method.
Stake crypto
You can earn rewards by staking various cryptocurrencies through the HASHWallet Manager. This will allow your assets to grow passively.
DeFi compatible with WalletConnect
With the assistance of WalletConnect, you can engage in over 100 decentralized applications to exchange, purchase NFTs (coming soon!), and make deposits and loans.
Secure and user-friendly decentralization
Our focus is on providing top-notch user experiences that are trustworthy and reliable. Our goal is to make it easy for everyone to participate in the decentralized economy by offering a secure and user-friendly environment.

Join the safest community in the crypto market

Managing your cryptoassets
has never been so secure

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