Easy-to-use devices to manage your crypto assets securely and privately.

We have created a suite of security solutions widely adapted to the use cases demanded by the new web3 reality.

HASHWallet Link card

Faster device pairings and a smooth user experience while keeping everything in a secure environment.

HASHWallet bitcoin transaction
What a secure wallet does, and much more.

Manage with maximum security and trade with your Bitcoin, Ethereum, stablecoins and other tokens in your wallet.

The HASHWallet Manager APP

Digital and crypto assets custody solutions for the Web3

We facilitate the integration of the decentralized economy into business environments, delivering recognized and truly secure user experiences that enable mass adoption.

Discover HASHWallet cards

HASHWallet LINK limited edition
App HW Manager and HASHWallet Flow
HASHWallet Flow biometric card
HASHWallet card bitcoin transaction

Highest security, with top-notch design in your hands

  • Security by design
  • User-friendly and safe recovery system
  • People-centered design
  • Recognizable user experience
  • Customizable for companies and blockchain projects
  • Wide acceptance and integration of new tokens
  • Non-programmable hardware wallet
  • Easy integration into the Web3 use cases
HW Manager APP


Our App is the soul of the experience. It's not about a simple plastic card, it's about feeling peace of mind and fluidity when managing your digital assets.

The security of connecting to the services and experiences offered by the new digital ecosystems on the Web3.

Send, receive and trade in an ease-to-use way. Use all the services that wallet connect offers being always safe and private.

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Our partners

HASHWallet is developed in Europe under the most strict quality standards with world-leading partners in the security, technological development, and crypto environments.

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