A message from our CEO

December 28, 2020
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A message from our CEO

Dear friends,

We are closing a year that marked our lives.

We saw a deadly virus span into a worldwide pandemic; we lost some of our venerated icons and loved ones; we witnessed cities burn, and our hearts broke watching neighbours fight against each other. We have seen a global shift in the way we relate, live and work. Despite the adversities faced during 2020, at this moment, we feel fortunate and very grateful.

HASHWallet started as an idea way back late 2018, but it was in February 2020 when The National Cybersecurity Institute, INCIBE, awarded us the most innovative Spanish start-up. Soon, major media publishers (Bitcoin.com, Coinspeaker, The Merkle, Coin Telegraph, Blockonomy, CoinTalk, Investing.com, etc.) and proof-of-concept certifiers like Arrow featured HASHWallet as “one of the outstanding innovative technology in the crypto space”. These valuable recognitions boosted our confidence to face our next challenge: the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

The whole planning came with loads of excitements and with also some thrills and nerves. We managed to build a committed and engaged team as we headed to our campaign launch date set in April. The community was warm and welcoming, and everything was proceeding promisingly. We tighten our bonds with bridge-building partners, including Jelurida, Arrow, and card producer CardLab from Denmark. We also focused on sharing information about HASHWallet in multiple enrichening AMAs and discussing ideas through forums and diverse channels. Connecting with our potential end-users assured us that we were in the right path and direction and that we would deliver a hardware wallet that will surpass the expectations. But then March 2020 came, and the entire world was shocked in an unprecedented way.

Here in Spain, what started as a two week forced lockdown ended up extended to more than 90 days. Despite the catastrophic consequences and the negative omens for the uncertain future, we were fortunate to rely on an enthusiastic and brave community that encouraged us to keep our launch date as planned. And thus, we managed to fund our campaign entirely.

Although the virus inevitably affected our development timeframe by generating a drastic domino effect on our supply chain, we managed not to wait with arms crossed. We seized this parenthesis by improving our product, increasing our financial capabilities, building new partnerships, and welcoming bright team members. We believe that this effort has paid off. HASHWallet will now include a larger display and upgraded secure components. As a direct result of our community’s concerns bearing the number of coins supported, our development team came up with a brilliant macros system that generates full-stack instructions allowing HASHWallet to manage virtually any crypto. This new approach is a crucial milestone for us, and it was only possible through our engineers’ continuous hard work and the support from our community. As a humble sign of gratitude, we will deliver these improvements to our campaign backer with no additional cost.

But as stated before, we feel not only grateful but fortunate for all that we have learned throughout this year. We learned that a resourceful team and reliable partnerships that share our vision are essential to our project. We learned from our community that contributing is not a unilateral interaction. We learned that people are genuinely willing to give a hand. We learned to deliver excitement with every firm step we take. We also learned that simple acts and undertaking responsibilities help secure our community against threats. We learned that distancing ourselves doesn’t separate us. We learned to care for each other by keeping ourselves safe. And we feel fortunate that learning has made us stronger, has made us more resilient, has made us grow.

We thank you, and we welcome 2021 pursuing higher goals with enthusiasm, gratitude, and commitment!

Daniel Hernández

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