HASHWallet, a finalist in the EntrepreneurXXI Awards

February 11, 2021
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HASHWallet, a finalist in the EntrepreneurXXI Awards

The HASHWallet project will participate in the final round of the 14th edition of the EntrepreneurXXI Awards. The device will be presented at the DayOne Innovation Summit BankXXI event on March 4, an event dedicated to innovation, technology and entrepreneurship in which it will compete with other initiatives nationwide. The EmprendedorXXI Awards aims to reward talent and the ability to respond to the challenges that society will face in the future; to identify, recognize and support the most innovative companies in Spain, including our security consulting firm eSignus.

eSignus began developing HASHWallet in 2018. In 2019 eSignus achieved the prestigious “Arrow Certified Technology” certification as well as the recognition of major blockchain specialized media. At the beginning of 2020, the project was awarded the “most innovative startup in Spain” by the National Cybersecurity contest CiberEmprende / INCIBE. Also, last year it successfully completed a crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo. Recently, the company has presented a new version of its device with a series of improvements and new features that make it a reliable solution for the most demanding users.

HASHWallet responds to the growing need to reinforce security in cryptocurrency management. To achieve this, it incorporates a set of technological innovations, among which are:

  • A large, high resolution and high refresh rate, e-ink screen, which allows confirming any operation avoiding risks of fraud.
  • An advanced biometric reader and a cryptoprocessor to safeguard the security of transactions and the identity of the user.
  • An unmatched key recovery system based on the division and storage of keys in two independent repositories out of the reach of any malicious access.
  • The new HOLa operating language which allows storing practically any cryptocurrency, without having to go through a risky firmware update process and keeping the device disconnected from the network at all times.

HASHWallet is on pre-sale on Indiegogo. The delivery of the first edition of cards, under the special name "Founder's Edition", is scheduled for the end of next June.

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