eSignus partners with CardLab for developing HASHWallet, the most secure hardware wallet

January 20, 2020
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eSignus partners with CardLab for developing HASHWallet, the most secure hardware wallet

The ultra-secure cryptocurrency wallet maker, eSignus, has partnered with a leading electronic Smart card manufacturer, CardLab, to create and manufacture a new secure and convenient cryptocurrency hardware wallet solution.

The new HASHWallet™ hardware wallet is a cryptocurrency smart card that offers a higher level of security and provides a much better convenience than other hardware wallets on the market, based on a series of technical features and advantages that make it unique.

As a non-programmable device, it is designed to create a totally secure space to sign transactions and to safeguard the user’s keys.

  • The card stores the private key without anyone knowing it, not even the user. This key cannot be accessed from the outside in any way. Therefore, the card is invulnerable and cannot suffer external attacks.
  • The Public/Private keys are generated on the card itself, in a random procedure that is impossible to replicate and without the intervention of external seeds.
  • The card includes a large screen of electronic ink, which allows the verification and validation of the transactions in detail. In this way, HASHWallet complies with the “What You See Is What You Sign” (WYSIWYS) philosophy; users only sign what they see, and avoid the malicious attack known as “Man in The Middle” since no external devices are involved in the transactions.
  • CardLab is a leading manufacturer of electronic Smart Cards for credit cards and other uses. Its technological innovations include the Snap Switch to turn on the card, and off when not in use, the biometric FPC1321 T-shape(TM) fingerprint sensor for fingerprint authorization, the RFID jammer to prevent wireless hacking, the ability to communicate wirelessly with any host device and the ability to include a dual dynamic magnetic strip.

Via the partnership with CardLab, eSignus will be able to manufacture, in Q3 2020, a credit card-shaped hardware wallet with a biometric authorization that does not compromise privacy regulations. The wallet can include wireless and Contactless NFC / Bluetooth connectivity, plus other features that CardLab’s unique expertise makes possible. The hardware wallet will also be able to have additional security services, such as inheritance and plausible denial.

“CardLab’s Electronic Smart Card expertise helps embed HASHWallet unhackable, keyless signing of transactions into a convenient, slim and ultra-secure credit card-shaped hardware wallet,” notes eSignus’ CEO, Daniel Hernández.

“We are very happy to be able to support eSignus’ efforts to create and distribute a Cryptocurrency wallet and platform that will make the Cryptocurrency and blockchain much safer for users. We believe eSignus will be providing a uniquely secure and convenient solution with full privacy and identity protection”, says CardLab CEO, Frank Sandeløv.

For all media inquiries, please contact More info and useful materials about HASHWallet can be found on their website,

About eSignus

eSignus is the company behind HASHWallet, the next-generation software and hardware cryptocurrency wallet that provides the highest level of security to safeguard crypto-assets. eSignus is focused on the integration of the decentralized economy into business environments, delivering recognized and truly secure user experiences that enable mass adoption.

For more information about eSignus, please visit:

About CardLab

CardLab is a world-leading technology provider to the powered smart card industry and is a company developing and commercializing ISO 7810 compliant secure card products including:

  • Full “System on Card” biometric authentication solution based on Fingerprints™ FPC1300 T-shape ™ touch sensor”, for payment, ID, Access control and Cyber Security.
  • Communication controlled RFID cards (Jammer & MuteCards),
  • “All in One” card solution platform and other card solutions customized to customer specifications for secure and sustainable card production.
  • CardLab is a Denmark based card development and manufacturing company with manufacturing partners in Asia and USA and own card lamination factory in Thailand. In collaboration with industry leading partners and suppliers, CardLab has developed sustainable and secure electronic card systems and production methods.

CardLab offers unparalleled technical design and manufacturing support for card solutions including scalable security levels and existing infrastructure compatibility making implementation cost affordable for end users.

For more information, please visit:

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