We create secure and reliable solutions for your crypto assets

We take your digital security to the next level; discover how we do it here.

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Empowering Web3 environments

We develop and build secure environments for you to take full control of your digital assets easily and simply, our universe is friendly with your daily life.

Maximum safety

With our cold wallets, store your cryptocurrencies away from the Internet. Keep them safe from hackers and online threats.

Branded technology
for companies

Discover how our customizable technology fits your needs. We offer white-label products that allow you to reduce operational risk and promote your own corporate identity.

Environments that make your day to day easier

Use our application to send, receive, exchange, and buy in a private, simple, and secure way by connecting to our services and enjoying the experiences offered by the new digital ecosystems on the Web3.






Privacy is guaranteed with our design. Our system is neither programmable nor reversible.


User keys

User keys

User keys

We do not know your keys, nor do we have access to them, nor can we extract the keys at any time.





We have indefinite wallet generation, not limited by hardware


Key Recovery System


Key Recovery System

Our Backup Center securely safeguards your encrypted recovery seed, accessible only with your HASHWallet's unique recovery key. Your assets, your control.

How I Initialize and Create My Keys

Whether you're starting afresh or merging past experiences, choose the route that suits you.

New Keys

With our New Keys feature, create a fresh set of cryptographic keys directly on your HASHWallet.

Import Keys

Use our Import Keys feature to transition your existing BIP39 codes onto HASHWallet, combining past and future security seamlessly.

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Our partners

These are our partners, those with whom we are creating this revolution.

Services for companies

We create new opportunities for financial technology companies with our white label.

Customize our technology

We have an architecture ready to integrate services in an agile and efficient way. We adapt to the needs of your industry, implementing solutions that help you retain your customers effectively and optimize your profitability.

Recovery is always within reach

We have developed specialized key recovery solutions designed exclusively for your company. Our customized approach gives you total control and security in efficiently recovering your keys.

Customized, Secure Key Recovery Solutions

Receive simple, clear, and secure instructions from our operating system for authenticating and signing your wallet.

Access to our platform

Using our cross-platform software package with service integrations, our application will allow your users to send, receive, exchange, and purchase privately, easily, and securely by connecting to our services.

Safe environments with new possibilities

Working on our commitment to a decentralized economy

No Firmware Updates

Keep your HASHWallet card always up to date without requiring firmware updates. Be part of the decentralized economy with total peace of mind.

Safe experiences

We facilitate the integration of the decentralized economy in companies with secure and recognized user experiences, promoting its mass adoption.

Managing Your Crypto Assets
Has Never Been So Secure

We respect your privacy
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