HASHWallet Cards

HASHWallet hardware wallet cards brings together the strongest level of security with ease of use.

Launch Q4 / 2022
HASHWallet Link Blueprint
Smartcard format.
NFC Connectivity.
Recovery system encrypted by eSignus Backup Center.
Support HOLa.
95,00 € - BUY NOW!
Launch Q1-Q2 / 2023
HASHWallet Flow Blueprint
Same as HASHWallet Link.
Fingerprint sensor. An additional layer of security for authentication and signing an operation.
Launch 2023
HASHWallet Neo Blueprint
Same as HASHWallet Flow.
BLE-NFC Connectivity.
eInk 1.1’’ display.
Battery 24mAh / Wireless.
Launch 2023
HASHWallet Blueprint
HASHWALLET | 400,00 €
Same as HASHWallet Neo.
eInk 3.1’’ display.
An additional HASHWallet recovery card for self-custody purposes is included.
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HASHWallet Manager

Visualize and interact with your assets in an effortless, secure way. From an unmatched onboarding experience, intuitive crypto transactions, and a hassle-free wallet recovery system with the HASHWallet Manager App, you will always have control of what’s going on.

eSignus Backup Center

The HASHWallet user experience is enhanced by our backup center that securely stores part of the recovery data in its vault without compromising data privacy.

Easy-to-use backup of the wallets keys

Private and secure recovery system of your keys.

Order duplicates when you need them

The user can order a mirror duplicate of a card when needed.

Encrypted backup of the portfolio view structure

Users will never lose their personal config and avoid ghost wallets.

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