What will happen when I die?

If you want heirs for your crypto funds, you must give them a duplicate card. The next step is for your heirs to get access to your phone line as access to their inheritance.

They can not use the HASHWallet Link card before its initialization, so they will need access to your email (which you might not have given anyone) or phone line. This way, they will only have access to the crypto funds after your death.

24/25 words?

HASHWallet internally uses 24 words, as in BIP39, and a PassPhrase stored on your phone, but all of this is transparent for you. You only need to know your email and your phone number.

Why do we use words if we do not need them? To be compatible with other manufacturers. This way, you can forget that mesh and come with us.

What happens if I lose my HASHWallet?

No problem, ask for a duplicate from your issuer. You can arrive to this option from the front page. Press over the three points icon over the representation of your HASHWallet Link card, and voila, here you have a shortcut to request your duplicate. The HASHWallet Manager will redirect you to the issuer (after login), and it’s done.

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